dimanche 25 septembre 2016

My name is Mehdi. I'm 15. I study in GS Le Detroit. I have been there for ten years. I like bodybuilding and kickboxing. I have one brother, a father and a mother.
We don't have any pets. We live in a house in the Souriyin area of Tangiers.

I am very proud of my city because there are nice and helpful people. They are friendly and if I had a problem there is always someone.
People are traditional and respectful.
The city is so perfect that I don't want to change anything.

3 commentaires:

  1. Your city sounds amazing! My name is Katie, my city is pretty small, and for the most part cold. It is very pretty here, there are lots of trees and beaches.I live in California. What is the weather like there? Is the city large or small? Is there any beaches around where you live

    1. Hey Katie! so ... yes my city is like yours, small with lots of trees, and beaches because it is a city of the mediterranean sea.

  2. Hey Mehdi, my name is Kurt. I would do kickboxing too, if I wasn't busy with school and work. I wish my city was a lot like yours, but there are lots of homeless people and crime, so you can't trust a whole lot of people. How is school at GS Le Detroit? Do you do any sports? If you would like to read about me, my blog address is http://kurtthenewbieblogger.blogspot.com/